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50 Wonderful Portrait Photography Examples

The portrait is a classic photograph designed to capture the person. Typically it is face on, but the person doesn’t necessarily have to be focused on the camera.It’s one that evokes an emotional response out of its viewer and successfully communicates something more about the subject than what is immediately apparent.It is my hope that this post will help inspire you to take your portrait photography to the next level.

1. Almost Ready

Lev Tsimring is a Physicist. Photographer. Born and raised in Russia, live in California since 1992. Getting more and more into street photography, of Elliott Erwitt’s kind, with humor and compassion. Catching a good street photo requires technical skills, good eye, fast reaction, a bit of chutzpa, and luck.


2. Angel


3. Jim

Georgi is a lifestyle, fashion, and portrait photographer based in Philadelphia, PA.


4. Magnolia

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl


5. End of the pier Millie

Depicting the demise of the ‘end of the pier’ seaside show


6. Miguel

Georgi is a lifestyle, fashion, and portrait photographer based in Philadelphia, PA.


7. Blue Eyes


8. Scarlet

I love love repeat customers.  Specially when they are babies, because I get to document their growth.  This is another photo session we did last year that didn’t get blogged. Scarlett was 19 months at this time.  She is such a cutie.


9. Taylor’s Senior Session

Taylor is a Senior at Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artist she is also a student/performer at Circus Juventas.


10. Jenn scoot


11. lia


12. Bonalu

Bonalu (Telugu) is a Hindu festival of the Goddess of power, Mahakali, celebrated in Hyderabad, Secunderabad and parts of Telangana and Rayalaseema in India.[1] It is celebrated in the month of Ashada masam, in July/August. Special poojas are performed for Yellamma on the first and last day of the festival.[2] The festival is also considered a thanksgiving to the Goddess for fulfillment of vows.
Bonam means Bojanaalu or a meal in Telugu, is an offering to the Goddess.


13. Sarangi

Portrait of a boy playing a sarangi


14. State of Mind

Photography is the creative force that drives me. I believe in the beauty of the smallest thing, the slightest of glances and the grandest of vistas.


15. The Young One

“The Young One” has received a DOPE photo award. You can check it out at


16. Glance

Hesham-Alhumaid- born in Saudi Arabia in 1988. I began (early 2008) photographing my nephews and nieces – using old brother?s non-professional Sony camera. Honestly, it was a part time hobby that I started doing when I had to stop my study at school. Not long time till I felt so passionate about seeing the whole world behind my camera and photography has become essential part of life.


17. Anna

Photograph by Artur Saribekyan, he lives in Elets, Russia.


18. I was a kaleidoscope

Angelina Belle Bergenwall is a young aspiring photographer born 1993 from Uppsala, Sweden.
She first picked up a camera at the age of twelve and has since then never let it go. Capturing not only moments of her life that she treasures but also expressing her love for art, using her camera combined with her ceaseless creativity to make her work unique. She strongly believes that you do not take a photo, you make it.


19. Scream


20. Red Ribbon


21. Mabel


22. Little Family

Istvan Kerekes have been dealing with photography since 2007. His favorite subject is The Man. He would like to show the souls behind the faces. Everyone has feelings, everybody loves and breathes. His subjects are usually ordinary people.


23. No Where to Hide

On September 2009 I bought my Canon and started shooting.From the first moment i loved it and start experimenting until now.I like using natural light and a reflector..The past months photography is my basic occupation and i try to shoot as much as i can..


24. Line Martinsen Photograph

There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.


25. Growing Up by Patricia

Hi! I’m Patricia, mother of two and loving photography.


26. last Time I saw you


27. Mask Women


28. People by Summer Soul


29. After…


30. The Kid by Gabor Dvornik

I am a watcher & moment hunter – sometimes a dream catcher. I still don’t know where will my road end. You can see me in each and every capture I take.



31. Warmth


32. Harrisons pie and Mash


33. Autumn and I

Autumn is a very depressing season for a lot of people. Sun goes down early, it’s getting cold, trees look like they’re dying etc. If you read that you’d almost agree with me. But thank God images tell more then thousand words.


34. Keep the Faith


35. Sweet Illusions

Andrea Hübner was born in 1984 in a small town near Frankfurt, Germany. Very early in his life, Andrea became interested in photography and soon started with sports photography (cycling). Some years later, he began to focus on people and nude photography, a sphere that began to captivate him and until now remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Andrea is currently a full-time student of french and british studies at the university of Mainz.


36. BAM

Kafka is a New York City photographer for the past 15 years who is originally from D.C. beltway area of Maryland. Each of his portrait captures the soul with a very original unique signature. You may like it as much his regular clients do, who hire him from time to time, clients such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Verizon, MetLife, MasterCard, Kiplinger’s, Forbes, Fortune, and many others.


37. Hounddog-Jansolo


38. Dejection

His real name is Rofik, father of 3 children of this profession to give credit household goods, interrupted his busy that, not infrequently motorcycle taxis and sometimes he pulled into a clown if any event Birthdays especially children.


39. oness


40. Come Into My Life


41. Illustratova


42. With a starry brush

This was just when she was staring out into emptiness, holding her cloth hat thing.


43. Photograph By LJ


44. Big

I am a simple person leading a simple life and doing a simple pictures-Monique


45. What a Look

This photo was taken on April 9, 2011 in Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, IN, using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


46. Mana Village Man

Alessandro Scarabelli was born on November 17, 1957 and he has been taking photographs since I was 18. he has found personal expression taking reportage photos with them he want to let the others know about stories that have social implications and that increase the knowledge of the unjust situation around the World.


47. The Prize of Gold

Robin is a freelance photojournalist. He has become best known for his work on human rights and environmental issues. Originally from New Zealand, he has been commissioned to make photos in over 50 countries.


48. No way out

Abused, beaten, raped and murdered. The abuse of domestic servants.


49. Ati Atihan Festival Performer


50. Rajasthan India

This portrait was taken in a city called Bundi in Rajasthan, India. This man shone in the setting sun, his skin glistening, his eyes vibrant and his turban matching the color of the old painted wall behind him. I just couldn’t let the photographic opportunity pass me by.”—April Maciborka



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